Thursday, 29 November 2012

Cards...I'm Sorry

In a moment Lakhs
If luck millions
What a beautiful game is
the game of Cards

Throwing cards to others
their's a gimmick in your hands
And get appreciated of your tactics
The way you absorb the money as a sucker
And call yourself a Great Gambler?

Priders of the Pride
In a jet you always ride
you feel at the top
Oh fool ! though i say you don't stop

There's lucky stars afar
If you continuously do stare
You'll be always in life's first gare
And find yourself stand in bare

I don't have to recall you the Great Mahabharath
In which Youdishtirs sudden turn of his grahath
there he dares to put his wife
I warn of your life

Its a very nasty play
which throws all in a bay
Though it seems to be purple and grey
you'll always in a dilemma its a night or a day

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