Saturday, 7 June 2014


Everyone come and fall in the line
Do the work as I do mine

Excuse, reasons take backline
Service, ‘you said’, make it front line;
Walk & Talk that’s the old idea
Work & talk, that’s the new Modi’a

Touching the feet, pampering other's
Forget it now and touch your feet;
Stay fit and be attentive
Service to the people and be pro active

Ideologies in which we may differ
Nation’s interest is the common factor;
Come and participate in our efforts
Share and contribute for the good end results

Come up with an idea and take a bank loan
Don’t burden the Nation, stand upon your own;
Infra, Facilities ask for me
Don’t be lazy come and work with me

Let us build the Nation once for and all
Stronger & Stronger, to be admired by all
Modi  ,I am your Leader ,Sevak and all

Come, let’s build the Nation once for and all