Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Who cares.....

Who cares? Whether I play or not,
Who cares? Whether my school has the ground or not,
Who cares when I came first in class?
Who cares if I tell the truth
That I got by heart all the Q&A prior to exam,
who cares….

Who cares, if I do something wrong and pay the fine,
Who cares,if my dad has so much money to shell away
Who cares,if I ve been grown like this and violate the rules
Who cares,if I have money to pay and get out of these
Who cares….

Who cares when evil is prevailing everywhere
Who cares, when the Good has nothing but to bare
Who cares,when I stop and watch a sin as a movie
Who cares,….

Who cares, when a politician gives promises and doesn’t keep it
Who cares, his men kick you when you ask for it
Who cares,when the media exposes it
Who cares, when they got themselves soldout
Who cares…..

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